5 Perks of 5G

The dream of 5G is now true. Though we, Bangladeshis are not getting it right now. But the expected time of getting 5G in Bangladesh is between 2020-2021. So, let’s talk about what we are going to get that we couldn’t have with 4G network. Let’s dive in.

Holographic Call

The science fictions are true now. The time of having holographic call is no imagination now. Well, holographic call is about having the 3D virtual imaging of the person you are talking to. You can even have the people talking to right beside you. This technology has already been demonstrated by Vodafone.

Holographic call represented by Vodafone. Image: Vodafone

Instant Download of Large Files

The 5G network has a download speed unbelievably fast that you might not even see the progress bar at times while downloading. Games sized 1GB would take 10-15seconds to fully download the file.

Virtual Reality or VR live Streaming

Streaming in VR will be very much possible with 5G. You can watch games of English Premier League from the first row of the stand live sitting in your table in Bangladesh. The flow of data is so fast in 5G that the VR games experience will be buttery smooth.

Augmented Reality or AI

Augmented Reality will make a virtual reality for you around you. There has been so many projects on Augmented Reality. But none of them were fully accessible because of the low speed of data. Now with the help of 5G, Augmented Reality is going to be so real.

Smart Home and Smart City

The technology has come up with the term Internet of Things or IOT. With this term, it refers to the smartification of all the elements and appliances of our home like Smart TV, Smart Fridge, Smart Light, Smart Fan etc. With IOT, the whole city can be turned smart and this will be possible with the crazy speed of 5G.

Well, welcome to the world of crazy internet speed and incredible technologies. 

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