A Mystic Bronze Galaxy Buds Live Coming on October 26

The TWS earphones from Samsung named Galaxy Buds Live are currently available in three shades: Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black, Mystic White.

Now, a new variant is supposed to join the Samsung TWS league, and it will be available in Mystic Blue in Europe at Samsung Week. The Samsung week will start from October 26 and finish on November 1.

The Mystic Blue color from Galaxy Buds Live will be on sale via Samsung.com and Samsung’s Experience shops broadwise14 markets in entire Europe, where the price kicks off at 189 Euro/179 Pounds/POL849/RON899.

The Buds Live has another color, Mystic red, but there’s no assurance whether it will come to Europe or not.

The promo image for Samsung’s week on Samsung’s official site declares multiple discounts and deals on their tech and smart home products. But, yet the details are scarce.

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