All New ASUS ROG Phone 4 Leaked with Snapdragon 888

According to the plan, Asus isn’t a sleepy snail if you think because Asus has already started its executions. Asus began working on its next-gen ROG Phone, which might be named ROG 4, considering the number call. It seems like the next phone from Asus will appear in the market a lot earlier than we see in the June-July period.

Recently, phones from Asus, model numbers ASUS-I005DA and ASUS-I005DB, have shown up on Geekbench and HTML5 platforms, upholding a Snapdragon 888 chipset.

ASUS ROG Phone 4 Teaser

The upcoming gaming device, which we will likely call the Asus 4, but the brand is supposed to skip the number and jump straight to the Asus ROG 5, reasoning two reasons – one can be the number “four,” which resembles death in Chinese so that Asus might be skipping it. And the other reason we can opt for is that the model numbers are named after I005DA, which points towards the number sequence ROG 5.

We don’t have much info on the next ROG Phone from the HTML5 benchmark, but on the Geekbench, we can notice 8GB RAM and Android 11 will be equipped inside the phone – which is barely a surprise for this era.

Well, the astonishing part will be if Asus can manage to bring out a new layer of design for the upcoming phone in such a short time. Because so far, all of the three ROG phones are pretty similar in design and looks, so gamers along with us are seeking a new design to showcase. Otherwise, the multi-national Taiwanese has to do it all, just slap the brand new chipset and call it new again.

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