Apple Discontinues iMac Pro!

Are you a fan of iMac Pro desktops? Well, sad news for you that Apple decided to discontinue the desktop computer any longer. The brand is presently selling the base models on its official website with a slogan that says, “While Supplies Last.” Well, customization has been disabled; only left options are based on the default configuration.

Renowned website 9to5Mac noticed it first. Soon after that, Apple announced that it won’t be building the iMac Pro anymore after the supplies run out.

The iMac Pro was a name of power and love among the Apple consumers, and was a better version of the regular iMac as well. It had the workstation-grade AMD Radeon Pro graphics and Intel Xeon Processors with ECC memory. Plus, the iMac Pro also came with better cooling performance than the standard iMac and featured exclusive space gray color to match other Apple Product accessories.

Apple is leaking news of revamping the default iMac in a new design and shape and thinking of switching to ARM-based Apple Silicon Processors this year. The upcoming device is expected to outstrip every iMac version built till now.

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