Apple iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Failed to Impress in AnTuTu

Apple presented its iPhone 12 series recently, and the vanilla iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro are as of now being ready for pre-order this week’s market appearance. Today we noticed the two devices’ scorecards in AnTuTu’s base, luring us a sneak peek of how they performed.

Both iPhone 12 models are fueled by the A14 Bionic, which is the newest 5nm chipset. Yet, the crude numbers uncover rather disillusioning outcomes compared to the Snapdragon 865 chip by Qualcomm, utilized by most Android high-end phones. 

The 570,000-ish total of the GPU, CPU, memory, and UI execution at AnTuTu is definitely not great. As a snappy examination – the top Android phones usually perform more than 660,000, with the greatest odds being in the GPU score, where iPhones lose over 40% lower performance. 

In the other three fragments, Apple has under 10% of execution to get up to speed, and the memory distinction is around 6%, in any event in the 4/256 GB memory combo of the iPhone 12 and the 6/128 GB version of the iPhone 12 Pro. Additionally, this is likely the principal post-dispatch affirmation that the 12 Pro models will get 6GB RAM, contrasted with 4GB on the iPhone 12s. 

Regardless of whether we overlook the cross-stage relations, which we most likely ought to as cross stage benchmarks will consistently be at any rate erroneous, the A14 is scarcely quicker than its origin – the  A13 7nm Bionic chip. 

The iPhone 11 Pro Max hits at 536,883 on AnTuTu 8, allowing the two iPhone 12 siblings a slight advantage of 5-6%.

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