Apple iPhone 12 Camera – What To Expect

Apple launched the most anticipated low-end smartphone, iPhone SE 2020 few days ago. More phones are on their way from Apple’s workshop. Four iPhone 12 models in different specs and sizes are going to be released in the fall. So, this year seems busier for the iPhone than last year. Let’s hear about the camera segment.

Apple’s iPhone camera never forgot to impress us with its outstanding performance since ages. The camera always claims the helm of the best camera ever. Apple won the consumer’s heart with iPhone 11 series camera in 2019.

Apple made some real upgrades on the camera lineup with a triple-lens system of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max versions. We hope that Apple will be bringing more camera upgrades, compared to 2019’s iPhone 11 series.

Rumours suggest that the forthcoming iPhone 12 will keep the similar camera bump as iPhone 11. The new model will feature a 3D camera, sounds like a LiDAR Scanner that we found in iPad Pro 2020. Besides, the rest camera system is meant to stay the same as the old iPhone 11 series.

As we have met with the iPhone 11 lineup, the 2020 iPhones, iPhone 12, are meant to have different camera sensors varying the models. The higher-end phones of 6.7 inch and 6.1 inches may come with triple rear setup, while two lower-end phones of 6.1 inch and 5.4 inches will be featuring dual camera setup.

The LiDAR Scanner works by reflecting light for measuring the distance to the objects that are around five meters away from the sensor. It can work both indoors and outdoors, and it is able to scan the environment surrounded by you in nano-second speed. Depth frameworks combine the depth points, which are counted by LiDAR Scanner for completing a scene of improved details.

Upcoming iPhone 12 Lineup Could Look Like This

Apple rumours that it may use VCSEL lasers from San Jose-based Company Lumentum to feature in the 3D sensor. Apple has been using VCSELs since 2017 for TrueDepth front-facing cameras. Rumours are indicating that the lasers can be used of the ToF aka; time-of-flight sensor, which will be more advanced.

Furthermore, rumours indicate that two higher-end phones of iPhone 12 will be equipped with a new ToF camera sensor, so it seems that the sensor may not come in the lower-end iPhone 12’s.

More on the leaks, the top of the line, 6.7 inches iPhone 12 may get sensor-shift image stabilization technology, which can efficiently work on the ultra-wide angle lens of the device. The technology permits the OIS (optical image stabilization) to be layered on the camera sensor rather than putting on the single lenses.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that there will be at least one new iPhone of 2020 to configure a smaller camera for an upgraded screen to body ratio, which means a small notch in the top bezel of the front display.

Further rumor from Bloomberg, we can see a notch-less display in upcoming iPhones of 2020. So it results in an under-display camera. Well, this means something big might be cooking from Apple.

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