Only iPhone 12 Pro Variants Will Bear ToF Camera

There have been a lot of rumors about the upcoming iPhone 12 series, and the camera sensors are a major highlight of iPhone 12 series. We have come across rumors of a new ToF sensor to come in the upcoming iPhone’s.

Considering the leaks, we may just have confirmation of ToF aka Time of Flight sensor to come in only iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The news was claimed by 9to5Mac and unearthed by iOS 14 code.

The code referred to two of the three iPhone’s to have the ToF camera sensor. The devices were mentioned as d5x, which indicates to iPhone 12 series, because iPhone 11 lineup had been defined as d4x with iOS 13 code.

Apple iPhone 12 Series Concept – by EAP

We have been hearing rumors of iPhone 12 that won’t have a 3D sensor but it is now claimed unofficially. Besides, a ToF sensor will discover new lights in the portrait mode of the iPhone camera alongside AR support. Apple is developing these features for iOS 14.

A Time of Flight sensor focuses on in depth scenarios and it uses a projector to point the clouds in the surfaces and also create a 3D module of the picture. So, it means an accurate depth mapping from the ToF sensor.

Anyway, a ToF sensor will also acquire a 3D object and its measurement app will not require the users to hold onto the things.

Apart from the iPhone 12, the iOS 14 code popped up the upcoming iPhone 9 to have a single rear sensor and this will be capable of capturing stereo sound while video recording.

Besides, the iPhone 9 will be the successor of the iPhone SE, according to rumors, on the chassis of iPhone 8 frame, measuring a 4.7 inch screen. Also sports a Touch ID in replacement of Face ID along with a big bezel but latest beast chipset, A13 Bionic.

However, the iPhone SE Pro was delayed due to Corona virus for a late launch during March, hope we see it launching soon. And we hope to hear more from Apple about iPhone 12. Stay tuned.

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