Apple iPhone 12 Series Don’t Support Dual SIM 5G!

2020 is the 5G year for Apple. 5G has been the communique of the iPhone 12 series launch event. Now, some interesting facts came out regarding this 5G connectivity.

A leaked form Apple’s Sales Web page beholds every nitty-gritty of all apple products and unveiled significant info about the 5G connectivity of the latest iPhone 12 series.

iPhone 12 Pro Series

Can you believe that the iPhone 12 doesn’t support 5G mode on dual SIM at a time? Sure, you can’t. You can use your standard SIM card and an eSIM card to work up to 4G speed or use only one of them at a 5G connection. How does that sound?

If you are luring dual SIM connection, it will automatically synthesize the iPhone’s speed to 4G.

A user ctthrow1 leaked the news on r/Verizon and inspected the facts and questions, where he found the FAQ document.

According to the discussion, Apple will ensure this 5G fact via a software update by the end of this year and let’s see if that will be the case we are waiting for.

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