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Smartphone industries are getting more complex to bring a bulk of upgrades. We hear that Apple is heading for the biggest upgrade that will ever be seen in 2020. The upcoming premium series from Apple will be the highly anticipated iPhone 12 series.

The iPhone 12 is a couple of months away from its launch. The iPhone 11 lineup debuted on September 10 last year, so the new iPhone 12 might follow in September of 2020. Apple hopes to start the production of the iPhone 12 in July. And speaking of 5G connectivity, iPhone 12 will be reportedly the first iPhone coming from Apple to work on 5G.

According to many rumors and leaks, many predictions have been followed about iPhone 12. Analyst Ming Chi Kuo presumes that four 2020 iPhone models will be launched, inclusive one with a 6.7 in display, so it means Apple’s iPhone 12 will not wrap in three phones as we’ve monitored the previous years. The series might include an iPhone 12 of 5.4inch, iPhone 12 Plus of 6.1inch, a 6.1inch iPhone 12 Pro and a 6.7inch of iPhone 12 Pro Max. All phones are claimed to feature AMOLED screens with 120Hz refresh rate.

Apple iPhone 12 Series Concept by Every Thing Apple Pro

Another leak from renders shows that we might have a glimpse of different iPhones coming as 12 new iPhone models might be proclaimed but Apple the following year. A good news might enlighten the customers that while the claims are inaccurate, multiple predictions now imply that 2020 will see a record number of iPhone launches.

The rumors gazed that Apple will possibly release a record of six multiple iPhone models in 2020.These range from the budget iPhone 12 4G which they claim will still use an LCD display, all the way to the ultra-premium iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G.  Still we don’t have much confirmations of specs except the A14 bionic chip to be used in iPhone 12 models.

Let’s have a look though we all hear idle gossip only. The rumors forecasted that the following models will be launched:

We would consider this prediction with a grain of salt, particularly since they operate counter to more predictions. We discover it hard to think of Apple how the variants will be. Lastly, we expect the launch to take place in the third quarter of 2020.

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