Apple iPhone 12 Series Got 4 Models, Starting From $699!

The door is about to be closed. All the rumors have been leaked for the iPhone 12 series. Four models are incoming from iPhone 12 series as we have seen three models in the past in iPhone 11 series. So, that’s a new call to Apple’s history.

According to a leakster, the four models will be corresponding, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, the vanilla model, iPhone 12 Pro, and finally, the big boy, iPhone 12 Pro Max. Each of the phones will come in various memories as well as multiple hefty price tags.

Apple iPhone 12 Series Box – EAP

Considering a leak, we’ve come to figure out that the smallest model, iPhone 12 Mini will hit the bar from 699$, and the high-end model, iPhone 12 Pro, will cost $999. Well, the price is a regular driver form Apple, so it doesn’t surprise us anymore.

In the memory section, each of the iPhone 12 models will carry three memory variants, 64/128/256GB for the two lower models (iPhone 12 Mini & iPhone 12) and the other premium duo feature 128/256/512GB variants.

The iPhone 12 Mini is mentioned to carry a 5.4 inches display, and it will cost you around 699$, whereas the iPhone 12 Pro is likely to bring a slightly bigger screen but with a more $300 price difference.

Colorful Apple iPhone 12 Mini – EAP

Let’s call the big boy, iPhone 12 Pro Max. It will be the most expensive and massive model from the series. The price will start at around $1,099 for the 128GB variant. It’s rumored to carry a 6.7 inches screen, which is also the first call in Apple’s lifeline.

We’ll have our eyes on these phones within two days. See you there!

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