Finally After 3 Years iPhone 12 Series Will Have Smaller Notch

iPhone 12 series has been keeping up high in nowadays tech news. Apple keeps talking about iPhone 12 as well as the leaks of it. Now another leakster from Apple has posted leaks relatively to the iPhone 12.

The recent leak from the leakster is a design of the upcoming phone from Apple, iPhone 12. Previously, we heard gossips of iPhone 12 that it’s going to have a reduced size notch or no notch at all. Considering this image design, we can assume how the upcoming iPhone will hoard its Face ID in its notch.

iPhone 12 Series With Smaller Notch by Jon Prosser

The notch looks effectively smaller than the iPhone 11 series and the bezels are in a slight smaller size also. So, the notch can manage to keep all the features that are required to Face ID working with the selfie cameras. It appears that Apple could be able to manage the notch by lifting the earpiece high in the bezel.

Nearly a few days earlier, we managed to go through some leaks of the iPhone 12’s entire design, and the report didn’t mention any news of narrowing the notch down. Looks like iPhone 12 is ready to opt the iPhone 5’s flattened panel.

Due to pandemic Covid-19, the launch date of iPhone 12 may delay from its desired release date in September.

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