Apple iPhone 12 Series Launched! What’s New?

The typical September period for Apple to dispatch its flagship iPhones traveled every way we’re pausing. At long last, that stands by reaching a conclusion as the Cupertino group has shown us the latest models. 

How about we go over the phones and see what happened on occasion. So, with four iPhones and nothing much else, Apple has already divulged new watches and iPads; additionally, it appears to be that extras, for example, new over-ear AirPods and the AirTag trackers, have been deferred. 

In any case, four iPhones are more than we’ve ever faced in one go previously; how about we separate them and investigate deeper.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Let’s start with the high-end boy. None other than the big boy has a splendid display of 6.7 inches that never came in any other iPhone overages alongside a bigger primary sensor with 1.7um pixels.

This device won’t be missing A13 Bionic because Apple has integrated its latest chipset, A14, in the device. Alongside this, it will be based on the iOS 14 system.

The phone features a Super Retina XDR OLED display, and the main highlight of the device is the camera. Apple is famous for its camera software worldwide. The device has a 12MP quad-camera setup with a LiDAR scanner as well.

This model’s standard cost is $1,099 for the base 128 GB storage and up to $1,399 for the top variant.

It will be available somewhere in November with Blue, Gold, Graphite, and Silver color gradients.

iPhone 12 Pro

From the iPhone 12 series, iPhone 12 Pro stands second in Pro Duo. The device doesn’t differ much from the Pro Max variant.

iPhone 12 Pro features the same camera combo as the Pro Max with LiDAR Scanner; the regular wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto all are the same. But a minor difference happens in the telephoto lens that features 4X magnification.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

The device consumes a 6.1 inches OLED display and starts around 1,000 bucks for the base variant, 128 GB. You have to pay more for the top variants.

It comes in Blue, Gold, Graphite, and Silver shades, and you can pre-order this phone in the running month.

iPhone 12

An affordable iPhone, compared to iPhone 12 Pro and Pro max. It has a similar 6.1 inch OLED screen to the iPhone 12 Pro.

What makes iPhone 12 disparate from the Pro models? Well, the camera section. It features dual camera support of wide and ultrawide with all the improved specs like Deep Fusion, Super Night Images, and HDR.

You can order this phone at $800 for the base model, 64GB. Looking for more storage? Then pay more!

Unlike the iPhone 12 Pro, this phone will be shipping worldwide this month in Blue, Black, White, Red, and Green.

iPhone 12 Mini

The iPhone 12 Mini beholds a 5.4 inch OLED screen, rolling in somewhere close to the 4.7″ SE and the 6.1″ iPhone 12 as far as size. 

In contrast to the regular iPhone SE, obviously, this one has a better screen with a higher aspect ratio and a score rather than thick bezels. 

The camera is indistinguishable from the vanilla model, iPhone 12, which is wide and ultrawide. 

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

The Mini starts with a $700 sticker price and a 64GB base variant.

You can’t buy the phone this month. This one will be on sale next month like the Pro max, and multiple color choices will be available – Blue, Black, White, Red, and Green colors.

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