Apple is Removing Charger & Earphones from Old iPhone Models!

Does Apple seem to save the environment? Or just bring you a costlier phone with less spec sheet? Pretty overrated stuff from Apple! No chargers, No Earpods anymore in the box!

The brand launched iPhone 12 series the day before the previous day without any power adapter and Earpods in the box. Only a USB-C to the lightning cable to ship inside the box. Unpleasantly, Apple likes to take the step more seriously. 

Now, the trend has followed down to the iPhone XR, iPhone SE (2020), and iPhone 11 units, that they will come only with a USB-C to the lightning cable, and nothing else. It stands if you buy one of those phones; here’s what you get, a charging cable, and the phone itself.

But this inferior change can’t rule every country out there. In France, you can still get a new or old iPhone coupled with Earpods, and the credit goes to local accessibility laws. The law dues that smartphone manufacturers should provide a headset in their packaging.

To surpass the change, Apple put a few discounts on Earpods by 10 dollars, and now it costs at $19 apiece. Besides, it resembles the similar price tag of the latest 20W power adapter.

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