Apple Just Lost The Most Powerful Processor Title!

Apple’s heart of the future lies in its latest Apple A14 Bionic chipset, and it will be featured in the iPhone 12 lineup mobile phones, including iPhone 12 Mini, its bigger brother iPhone 12 and the pro variants of the lineup iPhone 12 Pro and the largest iPhone ever, the iPhone 12 Pro Max .

In a report, Apple claimed that the latest bionic chip has a 17% faster CPU alongside 8% GPU improvement compared to its predecessor, A13 Bionic. 

Apple iPhone 12 Series

The newest result from Geekbench popped up in the radar for iPhone 12 Pro Max and reveals a higher CPU rate of 16% and 4% improved GPU results than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Besides, a boost upgrade is seen in the memory section for 22%, but it’s a minor upgrade if you consider overall performance.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s total result showed around 572,333, which seemed low compared to Snapdragon 865+ because the android competition hits above 600,000 bar. Crossing the benchmark platform doesn’t pay off the playing scene because there are other functionalities for executing a task.

However, the A14 Bionic will be the world’s first 5nm chipset to be introduced, and maybe it will not bring the results that we were expecting, or perhaps it will go over the wall. But the results we have seen, we can assume three explanations which come to mind.

The first one, Apple, might have thought of more battery power over performance, and in case, made the A14 consume less power to provide nearly the same performance as A13 Bionic.

In the other case, perhaps, the 5nm chipset move couldn’t yield the performance we expected. Simultaneously, the A13 chipset boasts excellent efficiency and power though it’s 30% smaller than the latest one. So, the new one may need time to be the best one ever. We can see it tomorrow with our bare eyes.

Finally, the last assumptions could be an engineering trial, and the performance is just a mere result that we are knocked with.

So, it’s tomorrow, October 13, that we are all longing for. See you tomorrow for the big event. We may see a long shot from Apple.

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