Apple Removed 3 Major Brands From its Online Shop

Apple decided to make room for its upcoming products, based on that decision; Apple removed Sonos, Bose, and Logitech products from its online store to have shelves and less competition.

The removal ensures that Apple and Beats speakers and headphones will have lesser competition in Apple’s retail shops.

Apple reported to Sonos that they wouldn’t be selling any third party speakers onwards from September. Since the report, Sonos got a 7% hit in shares.

Soon, Apple is going to gear up AirPods Studio as its first-time over-ear headphones in, and work on new projects of AirPods as well as HomePod Speaker.

This is not an unusual move from Apple because Apple had done it earlier with Fitbit back in 2014. Apple removed the products from Fitbit to ensure spaces for its Apple Watch.

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