Apple Will Bring $600 Premium Headphone Soon!

In the previous news, we mentioned that Apple removed Sonos, Bose, and Logitech from its stores to create room for upcoming products from Apple and Beats.

Soon, Apple will launch its first over-ear headphones, AirPods Studio, and gear up a premium version alongside a regular model. So, what’s your bet?

The premium versions will be made of metal and leather to give you a new, sturdy and robust music experience. Well, the experience will cost a handsome amount of $600.

Another one will be a standard sportier model, costing $350, which looks like an affordable one. 

The neoteric one will be using breathable fabric for the buds, but the buds will use magnetic force to attach, so you can pop them off quickly and put a new one in. It will be swift while you change.

Alas! AirPods Studio will not carry the pondered headphone jack; instead, it will bring a USB-C port to get you the wired experience.

The over-ear headphone will feature Active Noise Cancellation. Its buds are easy to figure out which cup is the right and which is on the left.

Bringing a note, the AirPods Studio will not appear on October 13, the mega event, and neither the AirTags. 

A renowned leakster argued that the launch event for AirTags has been holding back for March 2021. It is now in the works and measuring to create portable and small trackers for the upcoming generation with enhanced Bluetooth capabilities.

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