Apple’s Next Big Thing Coming This November 10

Apple launched the iPhone 12 series last month with so many bells and whistles. Now, it’s time for more accessories from the Apple industry.

From earlier reports, we came to know that Apple will be using their in-house ARM processors instead of Intel, but it looks like we are close to the launch of first Macs, operated by Apple silicon.

Recently, Apple has just come up with another event, coming on November 10. Rumor says the event will introduce new Macs.

Another report showed that we can hope to see a 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air integrated with Apple Silicon. Except for the processors, no major changes are meant to come in these new Macs.

Apple’s upcoming computers will be manufactured on an A14 Bionic chip that is already featured in the iPhone 12 series. Let’s see how much power they will operate compared to the Intel processors.

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