CPU VS GPU: How They Integrated into All in One Processor

You may have not heard about all in one processor. It is actually a metaphor used to describe the power of processors these days. Processors nowadays are not the same as before. Previously mobile phones have processors which only used to do tasks like simple calculation and some basic instructions. But All in One processor is like the name suggests. Let?s explore the processor and get to know the differences between CPU and GPU by understanding their contribution to mobile processing.

The processor is a central hub. It receives and executes billions of commands in a second at the time we open our camera, music or just an email app.
But when we do something complex like playing high-resolution video games, capturing 1080p video than the pressure in processors can be huge.

CPU VS GPU: How They Integrated into All in One Processor

We all know today?s processors are pretty smart handling all those complex tasks. Now the question is how. Actually processors have been developed these days with an integrated formula of different components where tasks have been divided into different components which in old days phones used to do one sole CPU. It was the only component to handle all kinds of instructions. That is why high graphical content like video games and high-quality video playing was not possible to handle to a sole CPU. That’s why innovators have come forward with the idea of separating the big giant tasks to separate components. That is the time when GPU-Graphics Processing Units comes in. It handles the heavy graphical contents keeping rest to CPU and letting the CPU do its own job pretty fast. So when its time to play video games along with messaging in messengers, phones never slows down as they have now dedicated components to handle the tasks.

So today?s all in one processor have not only the CPU it also integrated with GPU and some other components like Camera ISP audio and video engine, connectivity features (GPS, WIFI, FM ) and 3G/4G modem to work more efficiently. And all these components have mode the processors become more powerful.

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