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All Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh 2020

There are more than 20 national and multinational mobile phone brands currently serving in Bangladesh. Almost all mobile phone manufacturers are adding great value in Bangladeshi mobile phone market. Mobile phone market in Bangladesh is changing pretty rapidly. People are now more interested in smartphones rather than feature phones. All mobile phone brands in Bangladesh are now trying to get the smartphone market in Bangladesh.

What People Wants from All Mobile Brands?

People here want a mid-range phone with great value. Mid range phones here sell like hot cakes. Samsung is mainly a leader of the mobile phone market among all other mobile brands because of their mid-range “A” series phones and trusted after sales service.

Competition Driving Price Down in All Mobile Phones

All mobile phone brands now trying to capture the attention of the customer to their device. Huge competition started among all mobile phone brands. This is reducing prices on all types of mobiles. Samsung, the leader of the smartphone market also feels this pressure. They introduced their “A”-series smartphones in the market to compete against rising threats from Chinese brands. There is also another type of competition. Competition among Chinese brands like Xiaomi and Realme also forcing Chinese brands to further reduce their price in Bangladesh. This is helping customers. They can buy a new phone with decent specs now at a very cheap price.

Made in Bangladesh Phones Reducing All Mobile Price in Bangladesh

There is a very high tax rate on importing phones. Imported phones price increases 2X or 3X by tax. If a brand produces mobile phones in Bangladesh this tax is reduced to almost at the bottom. Tax reduction can decrease a phone’s price as low as 30-40%. This price reduction is forcing brands to brands to build their factory in Bangladesh and grab the mass market. Samsung is one of the pioneers to establish their factory in Bangladesh, which is greatly reducing their phones price.

In this page you will get all mobile prices in Bangladesh with full specification and expert review. We cover all released phones in Bangladesh with “upcoming” and “rumored” phones also to give you more information about buying phones in the future.