EXCLUSIVE Look At Upcoming Apple iPhone 12 Lineup

Apple is famous for creating hypes among the industries, and it is heading for a major upgrade this year. Apple’s iPhone 12 is the subject of continuous leaks. As such, this article will roundup everything we heard in recent leaks. Well, it’s never early to get excited about the next iPhone.

There is a wide range of questions around the next new phone from Apple, which will undoubtedly be the iPhone 12. As the number of questions, we are sure of the fact that there’ll be a queue, pretty big one, outside the Apple store when the iPhone 12 launches. 

We’re still many months away from the iPhone 12 launch. But Apple has gone with its tradition. In that sense, iPhone 12 is expected to be launched in September 2020. However, rumors never stop coming.

Let’s take a look back at another leak from Apple about iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 Lineup

In the previous leak, we mentioned the iPhone 12 lineup. According to frequent rumors, we are expecting to see four phones from iPhone 12 in three different sizes, which could come in one 5.4 inch, one 6.7 inch, and two 6.1 inches.

Rumors suggest that all iPhone 12 will pack with OLED displays regardless of price. The base model of the iPhone 12 will feature 5.4 and 6.1 inch lower-end OLED display devices with a dual camera lens, while 6.7 inch and one 6.1 inch model will be higher-end OLED devices with triple camera setup and ToF 3D camera aligned. 

The prospective name with the display size may vary from one to another. We can presume that there will be a base model, iPhone 12 5.4inch, and a top-notch variant, iPhone 12 Pro Max, 6.7 inch. The other two can be iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro 5G, which will consist of similar display size, 6.1 inch.

iPhone 12 Series – by Everything Apple Pro

At a rumored leak of 5.4 inches, iPhone 12 would be the smallest iPhone Apple has released since the 4.7 inch iPhone 8. And the rumored iPhone 12 Pro Max would be the largest iPhone to date with 6.7 inches.

Apple will be introducing the 5G network in 2020. The company says the upcoming iPhone 12 will feature 5G connectivity, which will work much faster than the 4G network.


Besides, few rumors indicate the design of the iPhone 12 that the new series will feature an efficient redesigned metal frame, which is similar to the structure of the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 had consecutive flat looks for its stainless steel frame, and it might be recalled in the new iPhones.

According to leaks, new iPhones will feature a more complex segmentation design with new trenching and injection molding procedures. The overall design is supposed to resemble the iPhone 4 with a square-edged stainless steel frame. It will continue to use front and back glass for the body, familiar with the recently launched iPhone 11 series.

Apple iPhone 12 Series Boxy Design – by Everything Apple Pro

Rumors showed that iPhone 12 could come up with a full view display, which means no bezels will be seen around. More rumors say iPhone 12 will have no physical button for the volume rocker and power button. It will be a touch-sensitive slider. Well, it’d be a major and innovative upgrade to see on iPhone 12.

Perhaps, on a superficial level, the most significant external change in iPhone 12 will be no notch. We can see in the iPhone 12 that the shrinking or total elimination of the groove. The notch is an imperfect arrangement, but it has become a signature part of today’s phones. In case we can’t be assured until we hear from Apple.

That’s all we can provide you with for today. Stay tuned for the forthcoming news of the iPhone 12. Till then, stay safe.

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