Famous iPhone Notch Will Stay 2 More Years!

Notch has come, earned fame back in two years ago, and now is the time for notchless and full-screen displays. In the era of the full-screen display, Apple is still holding onto the bumpy notch. Pretty disappointing?

Tomorrow, Apple is calling online for its mega event of the year, the iPhone 12 series will launch alongside other products. The wide notch has been featured on the iPhone’s screen for the last three years, which is no other difference this year.

A renowned leakster posted on Twitter that the notch would stay with similar gratitude on the upcoming 2021 iPhone 13 series. It may come in a bit smaller size next year.

It comes to a discussion that Apple is not following the regular trends or modern trends like punch-holes or water drops; instead, it will likely stick with Face ID. 

Cupertino is looking forward to designs and not agreeing to the solutions such as pil-shaped notches that are supposed to house face recognition software and other stuff pieces.

We can assure you that Apple will roll with the traditional notch of the iPhone till 2021 until the under-display camera becomes the major highlight.

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