First Time in History Apple Powered MacBook Launching!

Apple hasn’t finished yet; one more event to go. Last night, Apple declared its upcoming event “One More Thing Event,” and the event will be about ARM-operated Macs; now, a few more details added to the news.

The rumor reports that Apple will introduce three new MacBooks with Apple’s processor, including two MacBook Pro’s and a MacBook Air that will come in 13-inches and 16-inches sizes.

Considering Bloomberg’s report, Apple and the suppliers are working day and night to produce three MacBooks with the latest Apple processors.

Foxconn is building the 13 inch MacBook Pro and Air, whereas Quantana Computer is handling the 16 inch MacBook Pro. 

Anyway, the report also shows that the small ones are a step ahead in the production factory, so, Apple might introduce them in the upcoming week.

Without the processor’s change, the new Macs won’t come with any major design changes or other facts.

Stay tuned for the event.

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