Folding iPhone May Feature Stylus Support

The iPhone is a name of trust and faith in the tech industry, whether you call it a phone or laptop. Recently, foldable phones have been becoming a trend for a while, and do you think Apple would step out from this game? NEVER.

Apple has been scratching to develop its foldable phone since 2017. Recent reports came up with a news that the foldable phone will be in the market by next year, another new report from EqualOcean mentioned about the launch to be pushed to 2023. Well, that’s two years more.

Surprisingly, the report talks about a supporting stylus that’ll come along with the foldable. It’s still in the dark rooms whether the device will support Apple’s current Apple Pencil or a new design coming.

When the device will be unfolded, the screen surface will peak between 7.3 and 7.6 inches. That’ll surely be a dramatically tall foldable phone which is reported to feature a clamshell form factor – a vertical scenario like the launched Galaxy Z Flip.

Still, nothing is from official ends, especially from Apple. The brand tends to act a secret role here and is also allegedly involved in inventing a self-driving car and AR goggles. So, a bunch of things is yet to come from Apple.

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