French iPhone 12 Series Comes in 2 Boxes! Why?

In 2020, Apple took some major steps to omit the unnecessary carbon and save money to use on accessories production. 

So, they removed the charger and earpods from both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro and, surprisingly, retreated from iPhone SE (2020) and iPhone XR as well.

Well, France is exceptional; they have their own rules and laws. By law, Apple had to include the EarPods with the iPhones because, in France, manufacturers are required to ship earphones with the smartphones.

So, Apple couldn’t construct another shipping box for France, so the small iPhone box stays the same, and an additional bigger box comes with EarPods alongside the phones.

A reminder to surprise you that it’s just only earbuds, not any charger included.

You have to admit that Apple does an exciting advertisement for their products, such as selling additional EarPods and chargers to the customers. 

The price tag stands 25 Euro  19 dollars for a 20W wired charger, wireless MagSafe charger for 39 dollars/  45 Euro, and interestingly, the price has been deducted $10 for Earphones, and it costs now 19 dollars or 19 Euro. Happy Shopping!

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