Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+ Will Feature 120Hz Display!

Samsung Galaxy note 10 series won every user’s mind, back in 2019. Now, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is keeping the headline busy in a tight schedule. There is no Note 20 Ultra coming.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ will be bearing the tag of top notch variant. It will feature a larger screen that its predecessor, Note 10+, 6.87 inch with the same pixel of 1440p+ resolution. Besides, the phone will occupy 120Hz refresh rate, which is the major look in a flagship set, made for power efficiency with a variable refresh rate.

Aside from the top model, the vanilla model, Galaxy Note 20 will feature a 6.42 inch display, which is a bit larger than its predecessor also, and keeping the same resolution of 1080p+ pixels. This device will also get the 120Hz refresh mode.

The OLED panels on the devices will reportedly be built with LTPO tech, which provides 5 to 15 percent power savings. It was noticed first on Apple Watch Series 4, now it is going to be a more optimized version.

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