Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series | What We Know So Far

Samsung prefaced the year with a bulk of flagship and budget unleashes. Samsung’s predator leaned a cumbersome heap forth in the first quarter of this year with the Samsung Galaxy S20 series and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. It is predicted that the legacy of predators can be carried away with the impending Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series.

It reposes no presumption that the Samsung Galaxy Note series arguably has the most lascivious fans among the world. The Note fan should await because Samsung Galaxy S20 and Z flip have been grabbing all the headlines right now. The fans may become happy now as leaks have sneaked out of lap. Interestingly, the phone is expected to arrive in the third quarter of the year, likely in September. So a lot more to come in. Let’s hear what we have for you right now. 

The Note’s specialty lies in the S pen, and has been great for taking notes and other striking features. The Galaxy Note 20 is codenamed “Project Canvas” which is a high spoiler till now and it means something bigger is cooking in 2020. As per popular leaks, ears are whispering that new features are coming and for that Galaxy S pen is getting the biggest makeover since its invention. 

Following on more to Galaxy Note 20 series, the Galaxy Note 20 could be very well known to come in Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20 Plus and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Renders show possible design for the series. Firmly, the series will feature the latest chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 without any doubt. 

In terms of display module, The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will forge the Galaxy S20 design which has a centralized Infinity-O display. Each of the phones will be in the same design except their sizes and features. Rumors whispered that Note 20 Ultra could go with a bigger screen, surpassing a 7inch display. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will enter the market with its new enhanced OLED display whereas Galaxy S20 owners missed the spec. The giant firm promises lower power consumption and reduced blue light panels, saying that: “Our 5G-optimized OLED display is taking the lead in the era with its crystal clear imagery, distinguished designs, economical power consumption and increasingly eye-protective functionality. 

120Hz refresh rate mode is the best feature for flagship and Samsung didn’t miss the trend for its flagships. Samsung’s 120Hz mode is quite power hungry mode for battery capacity. In a recent report of enhanced OLED display, it is featured that Samsung’s new OLED displays come to the shore with Samsung saying they are 15% more power efficient than those in the S20 models. This will offset a large proportion of the 120Hz impact for the Galaxy Note 20. Now Samsung is doing mass production of these panels to be included in upcoming Note 20 series. So, The Note 20 will feature more fine-tuned version of 120Hz refresh rate displays. 

We’ve faced all the devices of 2020 with the same rectangular shaped camera module. As Samsung has been tinkering it for a long time, the new Galaxy Note lineup wouldn’t be missing the same design of its rear camera bump, used previously in Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup. We expect to see some alternatives or might not see as well. Don’t be surprised if nothing changes on the rear panel. Well question arises if there will be the crazy 108MP sensor in Note 20 Ultra or any other phone of Note 20 Lineup. We haven’t come across with more info on the camera module but we assume that the bump will sport Quad or Penta camera setup.

The existing Galaxy Note 10 lineup uses the 45W fast charging brick which charges in a snap. It could be possible that the Note 20 lineup could deliver another leap forth within the usage of the breakthrough new material called gallium nitride in cell. The three devices of the series could possibly be shipped with 4500mAh, 4800mAh and 5050mAh battery capacities. Well, it’s just shooting at dark. Don’t be confirmed. A number of phone makers including Samsung and Apple are reportedly working on using gallium nitride instead of silicon to make charging adapters smaller and more efficient. Idle gossip is heard about the element that the gallium nitride brick can fully recharge that phone just in 45 minutes.

While we don’t know much about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 lineup yet, a longer lasting offer from Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could bring the model more ideal for those looking to get job performance and the lineup can make it a worthy rival to Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 12 later this year. We’ll keep updating you as soon as we hear. Keep Rocking!

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