Google Pixel 5 Series – Anything Exciting From Google?

Google’s smartphones have earned numerous reputations for granting great photo software systems and that continued with the release of the Google Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL. Google’s next flagship is a bit off, but it doesn’t mean that we aren’t poured with leaks and rumors. A few rumors indicate what we can expect from the upcoming one. Let’s hear it.

Google came up with Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL in October 2019. In that case, we’re expecting the next series to come in October 2020. The upcoming phone can be the Google Pixel 5. 

The Google Pixel 5 needs to get better upgrades than the Pixel 4 to be observed. If there was one way we could describe the Pixel 4, it would be frustrating. The Pixel 4 series wasn’t that of success because of the disappointing displays on the phones and the battery life didn’t leap up. With that in mind, we want to see what Google does with its successor.

We’re assuming that the Google Pixel 5 will be in a very tough environment when that launch will fall. Samsung has released a trio of Galaxy S20, led by the Galaxy S20 Ultra and it’s going to be tough to compete with its 108MP lens and 10x lossless zoom. It’s rumored that the upcoming iPhone 12 will have a big upgrade in 2020. The question is what is Google going to do for the Pixel 5 to arrive? Hoping that Google will likely pack all high-end flagship features in the Pixel 5 that allows the phone to go toe-to-toe with the best that Samsung and Apple have offered. Now that’s a call for a major upgrade from Google Pixel 5. This could be a big year for pixel. However, the question still remains, what will Google do to keep in pace?


When it comes to spec sheets, Pixel phones are the bag of all mixed specs. But the batteries, ram amounts or tiny display panels led us to damper on the experience. 

Two phones might be appearing from Pixel 5. Well, we can assume what they will be. Earlier this year, Qualcomm touted more than a dozen phones that feature the latest high-end chipset- Snapdragon 865. So as that, the history of 2020 leads us to believe that Pixel 5 XL will be a flagship device like old Pixel XL devices. It will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. And In other words, the other one will be an affordable device, and quite possible to come with Snapdragon 765G chipset instead of Snapdragon 865. Pleasingly, Google Pixel 5 will feature Android 11 directly from the market.

In case of productivity, both phones will be gearing fifth generation connectivity. The Snapdragon 765G is a very capable chipset integrated with 5G connectivity as the second high-end processor in the Qualcomm’s 2020 lineup. It’s going to be a smart move from Google if the company implements it to compete with the phones of Galaxy S20 lineup and iPhone 11 series and the upcoming beast, iPhone 12 series. It’s certainly something new incoming and we’ll be keeping our eyes in upcoming months.

Historically, RAM management has been a drastic weak point of the Pixel lineup. Pixel 4 finally broke the chain of offering 4GB RAM that came with its predecessor to offer 6GB of RAM. We expect Pixel 5 to arrive with offering more RAM that at least raises to 8GB. The competitors like Samsung, Apple heaped up 12GB as the baseline for its high-end flagships. We haven’t heard any specific details leaked yet. As soon as we hear, we’ll update you.


The Google Pixel 5 might have a new fresh design language from Google. We have noticed only a few handful leaks about Google Pixel 5 so far.  A few leaks led reportedly that the Google Pixel 5 is quite polarizing with the exception of entering the market with a new camera module and competing all the way with this new feature, it might not be a significant departure from the Pixel 4. The U shaped camera on the back module will be something to see from Google. The rest of the rear panel appears to be the same glass build that Google has continued in the past.

Google Pixel 3 Design

Renders indicated that the front of Google Pixel 5 won’t be a full screen display. It might keep the old display design that featured a forehead bezel like the Pixel 4. No further details were revealed about the Pixel 5’s look. But a subsequent image from the leak shows that the phone will feature Face unlock feature from Pixel 4.

Storage has been another frustrating feature from Pixel. It offered only 64GB in the base model in a year when Google dropped its offer of unlimited original-quality photo storage in Google Photos for Pixel owners. Given the focus on imaging with the Pixel line, Google needs to move to 128GB. 

Storage has been another frustrating point from Pixel. Pixel offered only a 64GB based model in a year when Google dropped its offer of unlimited hyped original quality photo storage in Google Photos for Pixel lovers. As concerns the revolution of 2020, Google needs to focus on the Pixel lineup for moving up to 128GB storage. And further options of expanding storage. 


The Pixel had two devices in two sizes. Pixel 4 came with a 5.7inch display whereas the Pixel 4 XL launched with 6.3inch display. We expect Pixel 5 to come in two sizes again. 2020 is a year of phones with bigger screens and less bezels. It’s time to see something innovative from Google.

We haven’t come across the display in the google Pixel 5, but with the Pixel 4, we saw google speed up to a 90Hz exhilarated rate on an OLED full-HD accomplishment (or QHD if you are looking at the Pixel 4 XL). On the Pixel 4, the screen’s quicken rate will reduce to 60Hz if the display gets too obscure.

Google Pixel 4 Series Display

Despite Samsung making the jump to 120Hz over the board with the Galaxy S20 lineup, it’s feasible that google will keep to 90Hz for another year with the Pixel 5. That refresh rate is still a progress over the 60Hz rate that’s conventional to most top phones, while not putting as big a mark on the battery as 120Hz does. For what is worth, fabricated images of Pixel 5 mentioned that the 90Hz refresh rate will come again for the Pixel 5.


While we were elated with the outcome we got from the Pixel 4 when examining that phone’s two rear cameras, there is one noteworthy feature missing compared with other top flagships. The Pixel 4 doesn’t have a spacious-angle tens, though that could be altering with google Pixel 5.

Pixel 3 Series Camera

Something new we are going to notice from the upcoming Google flagship. As the images of Google Pixel 5 XL, Google refrained from the trend that something will be innovative. The rumors of the Pixel 5 that has been the root of so much speculation over Google’s forthcoming phone shows off three lenses on the back of the phone. The three lenses will be housed in a U shaped module. Apparently that’s a wide-angle camera joining the standard and telephoto lens heretofore found on Google’s phones. 

We are expecting that Google will be continuing features like Night Sight and the ability to capture stars, with more improvements and features likely to appear on the Pixel 5. Beyond the basic focal lengths, we haven’t heard any precise rumors of specifications.


There are no rumors about the size of the two batteries in Google Pixel 5 yet, but it will be one of the most desired details. The battery size and battery life of the Pixel 4, in detail, was a concern previous year, as it was furnished with just a 2800mAh power pack.

That small battery minimized the Pixel 4’s battery life, as it held out just 8 hours and 3 minutes on our battery test – evenly two hours less than the medium smartphones. The Pixel 4 XL fared better, thanks to its richer 3700mAh battery, but it’s 9 hour and 42 minute time is still beneath what we’d look forward to as a leading smartphone.

We still have a lot more to focus on the upcoming news of Google Pixel 5. So stay tuned with us to find out what Google Pixel 5 arrives with later this year. Probably six or seven months more to the launch event.

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