Huawei is Back in Foldable Phone Game!

While the Huawei Mate-Xs is still in the rumor, the brand is likely to work on their new foldable phone with a clamshell design to put up against the competitor, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The patent design was submitted to China National Intellectual Property Office back in April.

If we take our eyes to the image, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s familiar design except for one design. Huawei phone’s external display seems comparatively bigger, and we can presume this time it will do more than just time and notification. 

Huawei’s New Foldable Design

The camera bump is positioned at the upper half of the rear panel; in that case, the rear cameras will be used for a selfie because the image doesn’t pop any front snapper. The foldable screen is neat and clean without any notch or cutouts.

So, let’s just guess they are taking the same shot to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

No images show the devices closed in the opening side, so we still can’t bet if we will see a gap or not between the foldable screen halves.

However, a sweet reminder to tell you that the image is still a patent, and no real leaks have shown up from Huawei. So, take it with a grain of salt.

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