Huawei’s Foldable Mate X2 Will Feature Super Fast Charging

The next-gen foldable device from Huawei is rumored to be named Mate X2. The brand is measuring a new device with the latest specifications, not just any update like Mate Xs from the original device, Mate X.

Here we have heard of a new change in the charging system; 66w fast charging has been certified by 3C Certification and Huawei claims it to be 20% faster charging than the older foldable phones.

However, we have heard nothing much about Mate X2, only the fact that the device will have the latest WiFi-6 connectivity and EMUI 11 out of the box.

And, we’ve got rumors like it will feature both inward and outwards folding systems like the Samsung Galaxy Fold devices.

Building a new design means to enhance a new display on the outer part. Another leak mentioned that at least four new cameras on the rear panel and two more front-facing cameras while the phone is shut.

Take it with a pinch of salt.

Another patented design mentioned a stylus, but we got no official hearing from Huawei, so it’s like shooting in the dark.

As a bunch of news is approaching in the house, we may hear about a launch event soon from Huawei. So, stay tuned.

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