Interesting New Apple iPhone 12 Accessories Launched

Apple’s product never comes for free; instead, you have to pay hefty amounts. Recently, Apple introduced a bunch of accessories for their iPhone 12 phones in the iPhone 12 launch event, and they were all listed on Apple’s official website.

In the list of accessories, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro gets 8 different colors of Silicone cases and integrated with magnets for the wireless charger of Apple’s MagSafe, which can attach seamlessly and charge your phone. These cases cost around 55 Euro in Europe and $49 in the USA.

Also, clear cases made of flexible materials and clear polycarbonate, are enabled for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The clear cases come with a similar price tag to the Silicone cases with embedded MagSafe magnets.

If you are reckoning to secure your ID and credit cards or need easy access to the cards, here Apple features a Leather Wallet that can snap on the back of your latest iPhones.

The Leather Wallet is made from superior tanned European leather and available in four different colors. This unique piece costs $59 in the UAS and 65 Euro in Europe.

MagSafe has been a traditional follow-up of Apple, and now they brought it back to the limelight. The latest MagSafe wireless charger can set the bar at 15W fast wireless charging. Where else can you get that? It will cost you 39 USD and 45 Euro.

If you pretend to use any Qi-compatible charge, you get the zeal available, but that will cost you a downgrade to 7.5W charging speed.

At last, Apple interposed USB-C 20W power adapter- not a new product. It has already been seen in the iPad 10.5 inch. As the new iPhones don’t ship with chargers, this one might get you going. It will whoop charging speed and cost at $19 and 25 Euro. The price is quite reasonable.

The accessories will be on sale real soon. You can keep yourself focused on Apple’s official website. Cheers.

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