iPhone 12 Pro Max Has Smaller Battery Than Last Year

Apple launched the iPhone 12 series at the starting of last month, and now iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini are available for shipment.

Along with the shipments, news has started to surface about the iPhone 12 Pro Max from teardown and multiple reports. 

From a recent teardown video, we can check out the internal function of this big boy.

The major change we got to see compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max is placing the latest motherboard, which affects the battery’s shape, and features an L shape size power cell.

Another significant fact we came up with is that the battery capacity, 3,687mAh, is almost 10% lesser than the old 11 Pro Max. But, we may call it a compromise from Apple in the battery section to optimize the latest 5G connectivity.

Well, nothing much we have found from the clip. So, that’s all we had our hands on.

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