Why You Must Check Processor Before Buying a New Mobile Phone!

We are in an era of innovation. Every day there is an innovation happening in any corner of the world. Old mobile phones just only had a simple processor for calling and messaging. But Nowadays processors are way more developed and that is the reason why we are able to do this much tasks in our smartphones so efficiently.
So now the question is what is the job of a processor on our mobile phone? The answer is pretty much everything.
Let’s break it down and understand why and what we need to check before buying a new smartphone.

Far off a single core with 100 to 300 MHz processors with 3 to 12 MB of ram was enough for calling and handling pretty much everything of a mobile and they don’t even lag at that time. It was more than enough. But it was the normal keypad type of mobile phones. These days smartphones have a lot of sections and categories. To understand the processor we have to go through the chip-set, what technology it is used, clock time and the number of cores it has.


Chip-set is an integrated circuit which basically put into the motherboard of a device and its task simply can say to manage data flow between the processors’ memory and other external devices. So basically when choosing a new phone it is no matter to understand. A shortcut formula is that the latest the chip-set used or the bigger the number you see after a type of chip-set that will be better. Like MediaTek Helio P30 is better than MediaTek Helio P25, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is better than Qualcomm Snapdragon 730, Samsung Exynos 9825 is better than Samsung Exynos 9820.


This is the most important. In processors, there are many thousand crores of transistors incorporated for functioning. The less the size of transistors the more efficient the task will be. Because smaller transistors have less distance between them to flow data. The latest smallest size of the transistor is 7nm. So the trick is the smaller the technology the faster your mobile will be.

Mobile Phone Chip-set

Clock time

This is one another important thing to check before buying a new phone. Each processor completes the instructions passed by the games we play, the videos we play etc. Now each instruction needs a fixed number of clock time to complete the task in a processor. If a processor has 1 GHz clock time than it represents 1 billion cycles per second. Or we can say that the 1 cycle time for a processor in 1 nanosecond which is 1000000000 times smaller than a second. So the biggest number of clock time the faster commands can be executed.

The number of cores it has

The number of cores can be compared as the number of hands we have to execute tasks. We know we have two hands. So we can pick two things at a time. If we have three then we would pick 3 and so on. The same thing applies to processors. The more cores a processor has the more hands the processor has to grab a task and complete. Dual cores have two core and quad cores have four. Octa-core has eight cores. That means octa-core can do eight tasks at a time.?

Now the real trick is here. If you think that a phone with octa-core will be faster than quad-core than it is not true. Because of the clock time and the technology or transistor size, of course, have a big application on performance. It’s like you have 8 hands to do tasks but because of the technology and clock time, you are not getting the number of tasks to utilize all hands you have then it obviously not efficient. That?s why when buying a phone we must check whether the technology and clock time is compatible enough with the cores. Keeping all these in your mind before buying a phone it will surely gonna give you a better idea comparing processors.?

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