New ASUS ROG Phone 4 Teaser Released

As the new year leaped up, every sector has started working on a full fuel, so did the mobile gaming sector. And in the mobile gaming sector, Asus ROG is a word to be found on everyone’s lips.

ASUS ROG Phone 4 Teaser

Asus has started working on its next gaming phone, Asus ROG 4 and the teaser has also arrived. So, you can’t say Asus has fallen asleep. The brand posted the first teaser of Asus ROG 4 on Weibo, showing you a new way and possibility of gaming.

The teaser image upholds the Official ROG Phone, albeit we’re quite skeptical about the screen’s representation of how accurate it will be without any more bezels. It calls for a celebration if there’s no bezels in reality. So, we wouldn’t go for a party right now, as this is just more likely a sketch of the phone which is showcased here.

Anyway, this lets the beginning of the official teaser campaign for the Asus ROG Phone 4. So, we are yet to go a long journey with Asus ROG 4.

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