Nokia To Launch Nokia 7.3 & 9.3 On August or September

Nokia’s next flagship smartphone is conquering its remarkable time to arrive on the market. The Nokia 9 PureView has its would-be successor forthcoming, which was launched last year and seized major success, unlike its predecessor.

It’s not an easy task to achieve such success as a reborn. Hopefully, Nokia will bring better upgrades. Let’s hear what’s forthcoming.

A recent rumor says the Nokia 9.3 will unveil in the mid of the third quarter. That assumes somewhere in August or September. In that sense, HMD looks like giving up on competing for the flagships in the first quarter, of 2020.

If HMD is aiming to release phones in the second wave, well, tough fights are waiting for Nokia. Because around that time, Samsung should be coming with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 lineup, Huawei will call the Mate 40 series, and Google may launch Google Pixel 5 family, and many more to come.

According to rumors, HMD seems to host the double launch at the same event. Nokia 9.3 will be coming on the floor along with the Nokia 7.3, the upcoming successor of the Nokia 7.2, which was released in September of last year.

Some anonymous rumors claim that both devices will have fifth-generation integrated siblings. They are currently in the process of prototype testing.

The launch isn’t going to be a luxurious one. HMD has to wait for the turmoil situation to calm down. 

We’ll be attending here again if we hear more news about Nokia. So stay tuned for that.

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