OnePlus 8 Limited Edition Cases, Designed by Famous Artist Andre

The OnePlus 8 series finally launched yesterday, April 14, via an online pop-up event. After a bunch of teasers since January, OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro was launched gradually, joined by OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z earphones.

Most of us are familiar with OnePlus limited editions of every OnePlus series. So, no doubt that OnePlus 8 will have limited editions too.

OnePlus 8 Limited Edition Blue Cases

Recently, OnePlus has collaborated with artist Andre for accessories of limited edition, like cases, phones, earbuds etc. They represent Mr. Andre, who has started painting on Paris streets since the late 80s. At present, there are over 300,000 paintings, done on city streets by Mr. Andre and some art inside the museum exhibitions.

OnePlus hasn’t made any official announcement of limited editions yet, but we found out some designs of limited edition cases. Well, here’s an unofficial sneak peek to the cases.

These cases are specifically designed for OnePlus 8, no information on the Pro model or any leaks. For instance, the teaser from OnePlus spoke of “accessories”, which means there are more than just limited edition cases. And we can assure you that they will be painted in pastel colors, especially pink, which present Andre’s word of love, passion and peace.

OnePlus 8 Limited Edition Cases – Designed by Artist Andre

However, these three cases represent Mr. Andre’s signature grin and are designed in the pastel pinks and blues, for which the artist is famous for.

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