OnePlus 8 Pro Promo Package Leaked Before Launch

OnePlus generally sets for pop-up events covering the whole world which call for double in size as well of fan meetups. As the world is undergoing a breeze, it seems not possible this year, while the pop-up events are still rock solid to go.

You might be wondering what you miss out from the pop-up event in real will eye to eye experience. The answer to your question is simple as that- freebies. 

According to a recent leak, thankfully we gazed at a sneak peak of the gift bag. Let’s hear it.

OnePlus 8 Series

In addition, the primary retail packages come packaged with the phone and charges. There will be a pair of Bullets Wireless Z and three cases in the box for you.

The first cases are crystal clear, which lets you represent the new colors of the phone as well- Interstellar Glow and Glacial Green.

Furthermore, two bumper cases are also available in the gift bag- Karbon and Sandstone in Cyan design. These cases are solid and provide more protection than the ordinary cases.

These goodies are for the OnePlus 8 Pro, but it’s not still clear what goodies the OnePlus 8 will be packed. We presume that the vanilla OnePlus 8 will have likely the same accessories.

Generally, there are a few more swag in the gift bags from the pop-up events, call to action, and an OnePlus shirt which isn’t shown here. However, we are going to find out tomorrow.

More from OnePlus- OnePlus has been on a blind sale that premiers’ exclusive features. Those who purchased from the blind sale, there are chances of getting a similar package of accessories.

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