OnePlus 8 Series Launching Today – What To Expect

If you are acquainted with OnePlus pop-up events, they offer the advantage of purchasing a just-published OnePlus smartphone earlier than its usual sale- they are generally organized at exclusive spots in selected cities.

Owing to the present statewide, OnePlus will let go of the physical pop-up event and maintain an online pop-up event for European buyers.

OnePlus will uncover information on its website and social media outlets quickly after the OnePlus 8 series affirmation on April 14 on how soon users can go into the pop-up event and nog an OnePlus 8 series device and few original accessories, likely a case or some-other.

OnePlus 8 Pro Promo Package

OnePlus apprised the Bullets Wireless 2 earphones past may. Following a recent report, the Chinese phone creator will launch a reasonable version of the Bullets Wireless 2 without any delay, dubbed Bullets Wireless Z.

In recent reports, we got a glance of their color palette. The buds will come in four colors, three of them will match OnePlus 8 Pro colors-  Glacial Green, Onyx Black, and Ultramarine Blue.

The fourth color features a gold version, which we haven’t come up with in the OnePlus 8 Pro. It seems we haven’t seen all the OnePlus versions yet.

Details are rare about the Bullets Wireless Z at the moment. However, we hope that it will come with Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C port, and fast charging.

Lastly, OnePlus will disclose the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro and probably the OnePlus Z (8 Lite) and Bullets Wireless Z earbuds today, on April 14. We will be unveiling the launch, so stay in touch.

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