OnePlus 9 Codename Leaked!

OnePlus seems to be in a hurry for the battle. Who is going to be the champion of 2020?

OnePlus doesn’t seem to be tired either. The OnePlus 8T just launched last week, and now reports are leaked for OnePlus 9. Too much speed from OnePlus.

The OnePlus 9 is rumored to be released around the start of the next year. Well, it is undoubtedly that the brand has started working on the successor of the OnePlus 8. Thanks to the reliable leakster for providing accurate info on OnePlus stuff.

Max J leaked in a tweet that the successor, OnePlus 9, has the codename “Lemonade”. This codename is circling lately, but that’s the only reliable information we have now in our catch.

It is unfortunate that we have no more details regarding the future phones from OnePlus, so it’s time to keep our eyes open real sharp for any leak considering, OnePlus 9.

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