OnePlus Co-Founder’s Company Will Launch Earbuds This Summer

As soon as Carl Pei left OnePlus, Carl Pei stepped up to build his own empire, the audio-based brand Nothing. He launched his company back in January 2021. We can see new audio-related pieces real soon.

The venture is subsidized by multiple renowned investors of the world, including iPod creator Tony Fadell, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, and so on. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Carl Pei mentioned that Alphabet’s VC, the significant investment arm, Google Ventures bankrolled Series A funding of $15 million into his Nothing company.

Most importantly, the news flying up in the air is that Nothing will launch its first wireless earbuds or earphone this upcoming summer. Carl Pei spoke of an ecosystem among devices where one connects to others.

For now, the company’s primary focus seems to be in the audio sector, but this might progress as time passes.

Stay tuned for the next news of Nothing; we’ll keep you updated about its surroundings and other pieces of stuff.

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