OnePlus Nord Gray Ash Special Edition

OnePlus Nord has been a savvy hype around the globe. Now it’s time to follow the notable edition trend for OnePlus.

OnePlus teased a piece of leaked news, and we sensed that the brand was supposed to follow the trademark, Sandstone back. But it looks like, this time, it’s hanging up on a change. 

Earlier news, Sandstone back was rumored to feature in OnePlus Nord Special Edition; instead, the phone will be in a new color shade, named “Gray Ash.”

This shade first popped up back in July when it was first denoted from the OxygenOS coding. Seems the money on the news was real.

However, it’s not sure how the new color will differ from the Gray Onyx color, currently present in the original Nord. We have a hunch that the new one will be in a lighter shade than Onyx.

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