OnePlus Nord Limited Edition Device Coming on October 14

Pulling out the limited editions have been a signature trend for smartphone brands, OnePlus is one of them.

OnePlus made multiple limited edition phones on their signature sandstone finish, ever since the first phone came in 2014, and this tradition continued to the newer models and cases.

Now, the brand is looking back to some happy memories and willing to call them back by bringing a sandstone finish on the rear panel of OnePlus Nord.

News has been tweeted in its Twitter profile that a limited edition of OnePlus Nord is launching on October 14 with the OnePlus 8T. OnePlus is also rumored to bring 2 new midrange devices, 5G capable one is called OnePlus Nord N10 5G and a 4G device called OnePlus Nord N100. Another series called OnePlus Clover is also in the pipeline for launch.

At present, the midrange phone is available in Gray Onyx and Blue Marble colors; in that case, a new transformation in sandstone finish will be very welcoming in the market. Soon, we’ll have all the details when the event finishes by Wednesday.

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