Oppo A52 & Oppo A92 Leaked in Google Play Console Listings

Oppo later started reshaping its smartphone families. And it keeps constructing phones that consist of premium features.

At present, we have many exclusive models unleashed from Oppo. The flagship models of Find series, the premium-midrange series of Ace, the budget killers Reno and the A devices for entry-level. Well, we still have many fresh smartphones forthcoming from Oppo.

We heard about Reno Ace 2, that’s coming real soon. Two more devices also showed up on the radar to launch pretty soon. Here we’re speaking of two entry-level devices, Oppo A52 and Oppo A92.

A few fair leaks have been spotted in Google Play Console. Both phones were seen in the list bearing model number, OP4C77L1- Oppo A21 and OP4C72L1- Oppo A92.

Considering the leaked images, both devices will conquer the crown with Snapdragon 665 alongside displays of 1020×2400 resolution and aspect ratio of 20:9.

To inspect the hardware, the Oppo A52 rumored has 6GB of RAM, while the A92 claims 8GB of RAM. We haven’t come up with the storage.

This is all we have right now. More information to come soon. So keep in touch.

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