Redmi K30i Will Come With 48MP Quad Camera

The Redmi K30 debuted back in December, 2019 being the only Chinese variant to offer 5G connectivity while the global was set for 4G connection.

We’ve come along with many devices of the Redmi k30 family. Now, the lowest phone of the family showed up on the radar, the Redmi K30i, to go on competition to be the cheapest 5G smartphone that would be hailing with other phones of that segment on the market. Besides, this phone would be going outside of China also.

To have the lowest price tag, some specs should be considered to be cut. For instance, the Redmi K30i would be adopting a 48MP primary sensor, followed by its quad camera setup whereas it was rumored to opt for a 64MP camera found on the present Redmi K30 devices.

The information is leaked from a string in the primary MIUI Camera app, where the code is named after Redmi K30 5G. As we’ve known the Redmi K30 has appeared in China with a 64MP sensor, so it would be worth a shot to assume this device as the upcoming international K30i model.

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