Samsung Exynos 1080 Just Changed The Chipset Game

As Apple has raced on the 5nm chipset, how could Samsung leave the race? Samsung has been working on its latest 5nm chipset, Samsung Exynos 1080

Samsung claims that the chipset will cross every flagship processor’s boundaries, including Apple A14 Bionic and Snapdragon 865+.

Recently, a phone named “Orion” has appeared on AnTuTu’s database with an Exynos-1080 chipset. A Samsung Executive slightly briefs this chipset, but the details have not been leaked fully yet, so let’s fill in some details here.

In AnTuTu’s database, Asus ROG 3 has topped the list with a combined result of 642,671 since it was released. Now, it looks like time to change the plan.

The CPU numbers are four A55 and Cortex-A78 cores, and the higher scores are clocked more than 3.0GHz. With a CPU score of 181,100+, this Orion phone exceeds Samsung’s latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, which sports Snapdragon 865+. 

There are many other flagship devices to use SD865+ and score higher. For example, ASUS ROG Phone 3 scored 185,651 points, so it’s a close call.

As we expected, Mali-G78 is the GPU system, but we haven’t caught up with the core number. A whopping number showed up in the graphics benchmark, which closes to 300,000. That’s right. That number scalps even the ROG Phone 3 by a margin.

Currently, the best GPU system in Android phones has been nominated to Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra with SD865+, but it only scored 258,171 in the test. So, what does that mean? It means Exynos has outnumbered every phone by 15% faster GPU. If you compare Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 855‘s GPU, SD 865 had 20% better GPU than the 855.

Still, we haven’t got our hands on Snapdragon 875 and no catch of what it can do, but we can wish to have a better chipset from Qualcomm with an extra boost. It means that Exynos 1080 can perform closely to 2021 flagships, especially in the case of graphics.

This isn’t even the flagship chipset we see from Samsung; the top one might be Exynos 2100 for the upcoming year.

Samsung noted that Exynos 1080 is for premium budget phones, and rumor says that the premium phone would be Vivo X60, the first one to use it. Anyway, the benchmark doesn’t show a brand name, and pop with a code name “Orion.”

Well, who knows? It might be Vivo or some other premium brands, but some specs say that this phone will run on Android 11 with a 120Hz display. This Exynos 1080 will be coupled with 8GB LPDDR5 RAM and 512GB storage, UFS 3.1.

The Orion seems to be our next flagship device to talk about because it’s total score of 693,000+ goes beyond the ASUS ROG Phone 3, the current champ in AnTuTu with 642,671 scores.

So, what do you think of Orion? Will it be a flagship killer or ruler?

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