Samsung Galaxy F12 / F12s is on The Way to Launch

Samsung doesn’t want to lack its efforts in any price segment, proven in this news. We can bet by the name that a new entry-level handset is on its way.

This month, Samsung made the official debut of its first F series phone, the Samsung Galaxy F41, and it’s quite weird that the phone is a rebranded version of Samsung Galaxy M31. So much from Samsung to thirst for putting a good fight in the midrange segment.

Samsung already offers Galaxy A, M, and now the latest one F. well, the funny fact is why the J series had to leave the game.

However, the F lineup has just started growling, and new phones will keep coming. Hope we might see some innovations this time from Samsung. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy F12 bears a model number of SM-F127G, and it has more incomings under the same name, likely F12s.

As we mentioned earlier, consider the name, we can pretty much sense it as an entry-level device. Now, it’s between time and design whether Samsung will another rebranded version of the M series or put a new design, that’s totally beyond rumors. 

If Samsung rebrands this one, will it be rebranded as M21? What do you think? Unluckily, we couldn’t come with more pieces of information about this F12/F12s. Now that rumors have started coming, we hope to hear more about this.

Catch you on the next news!

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