Samsung May Exclude Charger from Galaxy S21 Box!

According to recent rumors flying in South Korea, Samsung will likely follow Apple’s footprint of not putting an in-box charging adapter and earphones in the upcoming Galaxy S21 series. They already stopped shipping earphones in their recent Galaxy S20 FE.

Industry insiders reportedly confirm that Samsung is taking steps to remove the box accessories from its upcoming flagship phones except for the phone and USB-C cable. However, the final call is still ongoing. Nothing has been finalized yet.

In the latest S series phone, Galaxy S20 series, Samsung did include a pair of earphones, charging adapter, and USB cable. It looks like all are moving to the wireless mode in the future.

Carrying away the in-box materials and smaller boxes might save the environment, but ordinary people might have to spend more on each accessory. 

However, it is argued that this move will be beneficial for Samsung as the shipping and manufacturing cost will become less.

Also, it might increase the revenue of Samsung from selling accessories like chargers, earphones separately.

Now, it’s time to wait and see if the rumor news of ditching in-box earphones and chargers also will affect midrange and entry-level Samsung devices.

We expect to hear more from Samsung and the Galaxy S21 series as it’s coming earlier than regular times.

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