Samsung Will Introduce Under Display Camera in 2021

The under-display camera is the next gen revolution that is peeping on us. Every smartphone brand is looking forward to having the tag of “the first under-display camera phone.” Well, Samsung hasn’t fallen behind.

Hearsay is roaming around based on the report by Korean outlet TheElec that Samsung Galaxy S21 series will avoid featuring an under-display camera in response to the scarcity of production.

Previously, Samsung was directed at functioning under-display cameras on Galaxy Fold2, but Samsung failed to opt for it due to lack of proper technology; presently, Galaxy S21 is also passing over it. Samsung is focusing on the finest under-display camera as well as consuming better image quality.

A sneak peek came out that Galaxy Z Fold3 will appear with an under-display camera in the last half of 2021. For the upcoming 2021, brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, and others have gridded up their loins to fix up under-display cameras in their models.

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