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High speed internet connection is one of our dreams. 5G is the front door of high speed internet connection. As of now the fastest 5G network has up to 1.8 Gbit/s internet speed. High speed data transfer makes it easier for us to do large tasks over the internet that were previously impossible in regular networks

5G in Bangladesh

Though we, Bangladeshis are not getting 5G right now, but the expected time of getting 5G in Bangladesh is between 2021-2022. Several network providers tested 5G technologies in Bangladesh. Soon we hope to see some implementation of this technology.

5G Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Samsung is the first mobile phone manufacturer to launch a 5G capable phone in Bangladesh. It was a flagship phone. We all know that the most important mobile phone section in Bangladesh is the mid-range section. So far we have seen many mid-range devices launching in the world, but none of them yet officially launched in Bangladesh. This is definitely sad news for us, but some OEMs are now thinking about launching 5G capable devices in Bangladesh due to massive customer interest in this technology. So we can hope for the best.