Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands in Bangladesh 2021

We all know that Bangladesh’s mobile phone market has always been in a very constant market. But the recent trade war between America and China made Huawei to fall in a big margin in worldwide business. It is also loosing market share in Bangladesh as most of the users in Bangladesh are Android based.

Let’s figure it out who are the Top 10 Mobile Brands in Bangladesh 2021.

Mobile Phone Brands Market Share in Bangladesh

No.BrandMarket Share

10: Itel

Chinese brand Itel currently has 1.62% market share in Bangladesh. This a quite surprising to see this brand is doing well in Bangladesh. They produce phones in the low budget range which is quite important in Bangladesh.

9: Nokia

Nokia’s nostalgia is over! Nokia currently has 1.9% market share in Bangladesh. Recently Nakia came up with new phones and got more flexible with the trend of stock android, but excessive pricing destroyed peoples ability to buy Nokia phones. This premium pricing strategy taking Nokia out of Bangladeshi market. Nokia is currently building a factory in Bangladesh to compete with the market trend.

Nokia 5.3

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8: Symphony

Symphony is dying! Once it was the market leader in Bangladesh. Now in 2021, Symphony has 1.92% market share in Bangladesh. Decreasing from 2.866% last year. Symphony was really doing great in Bangladesh, but in recent years Symphony’s market share fall drastically. It was for the sudden growth of Xiaomi and Realme in Bangladesh market. Symphony is continuously failing to bring value oriented mobile phones.

7: Apple

Worlds largest premium smartphone maker Apple is doing very well in Bangladesh. The main reason for their popularity is the brand value. No other brand has that kind of impact in peoples mind. Their iPhone 11 was one of the most popular flagship phone in the country. Long term software support and increasing concern over privacy is driving premium customers to Apple. Just a few years ago they were not in the top 10 list. Now in 2021 Apple is the sixth largest smartphone seller in Bangladesh with 2.36% market share.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

6: Huawei

Huawei currently has 3.77% market share in Bangladesh. With good durability and great brand value, Huawei stayed in number two position for a long time, but recent Android ban from USA and conspiracies around this brand slowly destroying it. Currently Huawei is the third largest smartphone seller in Bangladesh, but we expect it will loose its market share in the future. Huawei phone’s camera has got really good feedback from customers. With a huge number of service center and customer care center, Huawei has achieved the belief of the many customers of Bangladesh. But it has nothing to do with the current situation.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

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5: Mobicel

Do you know Mobicel was in the 8th spot last year with 1.83% market share! Now in 2021, Mobicel has 4.29% market share in Bangladesh. Can you believe it! People are buying Mobicel phones more than Symphony, Vivo, Nokia etc. for its low price.

4: Oppo

Oppo now has 5.85% market share in Bangladesh, growing from 4.676%. Oppo is a globally recognized brand and it is doing great. Oppo has opened many authorized shop and service center recently. But it is still struggling to compete with Xiaomi and Huawei. But Oppo is banging the mobile market by bringing new camera features and stylish looks. Surely it is a good competitor for Xiaomi and Huawei.

3: Realme

Realme started their journey in Bangladesh by launching Realme 5i, at that time it was a huge hit. This Chinese smartphone brand Realme is currently one of the sensation in Bangladesh. Currently they are gaining market share rapidly. Realme has become one of the top 10 best selling mobile phone brands in the world. Now in 2021, it has 10.4% market share in Bangladesh. This brand is popular for its midrange phones.

Realme X7 Max 5G

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2: Xiaomi

Xiaomi finally did it. It is the second largest smartphone seller in Bangladesh by defeating Huawei. Xiaomi has a market share of 16.02% in Bangladesh. Xiaomi is bringing new phones with new looks and new features in affordable price point. Moreover, Xiaomi brings new budget range phones in a more frequent way. Xiaomi started manufacturing mobile phones in Bangladesh from October 21, 2021.

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With regular updates of MIUI undoubtedly Xiaomi has become the number one choice for many Bangladeshis. Xiaomi’s Redmi line is one of the best selling midrange phones in the country.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha

1: Samsung

And here it is. The top mobile brand in Bangladesh. Samsung has 33.09% market share in Bangladesh. This is not only in 2021 but Samsung market share in Bangladesh was also good for a very long time. Just in 2019 the company’s sales grew 203% year over year. Samsung got its huge market share after introducing Android in Bangladesh. From that time Samsung remained number 1. The reputation of this brand with great customer care services made people love this brand. Important features like good camera, beautiful Super AMOLED display and long durability made this brand number one choice of Bangladeshis. Recently they are bringing M series and A series phones in a affordable price pint, which is undoubtedly a positive strategy from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Note Series

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is largest mobile phone seller in Bangladesh?

Samsung is the largest mobile phone seller in Bangladesh with 33.09% market share.

Which mobile brand is best in Bangladesh?

Samsung is the best mobile phone brand in Bangladesh by considering sales. They have 33.09% market share.

Who is the top mobile brand in Bangladesh?

Samsung is the top mobile brand in Bangladesh. Samsung sells more phones than any other brand.

Who is the top flagship phone seller in Bangladesh?

Apple is the top flagship phone seller in Bangladesh. They are the sixth largest (overall) smartphone seller in Bangladesh.

What is the market share of Xiaomi mobile in Bangladesh?

Xiaomi is the second largest mobile phone seller in Bangladesh with 16.02% market share.

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