What Apple Hidden About iPhone 12 Performance

The iPhone 12 launch inflamed the tech world last week with its launch, and most arguably the largest announcement of the year that shook everybody.

Apple tends to follow some mysterious moves, like not revealing the battery and RAM specifications. Regarding that, we seek for the GeekBench results to measure the real scores in head to head. Also, the benchmark score lands the capability of the latest chip and phone.

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Nowadays, GeekBench is packed with numerous listings of latest iPhones, which beholds the RAM performance and how the new chip is performing along with the latest iPhones.

Since Apple started gossiping about the A14 Bionic chipset, the brand promised a 40% higher CPU and 30% higher GPU number in comparison to the A12 Bionic. Well, this chipset is from yesteryear rather than the previous year’s A13 chipset. We don’t know why Apple compared A14 to an older chip, and now it looks like that was because of lower performance gains by the latest one. 

The Geekbench listing popped up with iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. Here iPhone 12 listed with 4GB RAM and scored 1,588 in the single-core and 3,677 in the multi-core segment. We presume that iPhone 12 Mini also features 4GB RAM.

On the contrary, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max holds 6GB RAM capacity and suits up a score 1,590 single core and 3,881 multi-core tests. Overall, the single core results range from 1,580 to 1,598 and multi-core surfaces between 3,800 to 4,002 points.

If we do a snappy comparison to A13 from last year, the latest chipset just offers improved 20% single core performance and mere improvement in multi-core, 8%.

From the GeekBench, we can sense that the A14 Bionic is more focused on connectivity of 5G and battery life rather than higher grade performance.

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